Builder Gel VS Poly Gel ft. Dimension Nails

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Not so long ago my favorite nail company, Dimension Nails came out with their own version of a poly gel. They already offer a builder gel which I really like but of course, I had to get my hands on the poly gel as well. My plan was to try both and write a review about them, so here we are. I'm not a pro at doing nails but I am a big DIY type of gal and like to save money where I can. By doing my nails at home I get to let my creative juices flow but also save money in the long run.

Both products are cruelty-free, vegan, 10 free and both are used as nail extensions. They both can also be used on natural nails, tips or forms. and both require curing to harden up.

is multi-use, flexible clear gel much like a thick nail polish and just like a nail polish its applied with a brush. This gel can be used in many different ways such as faux nails, to glue charms & crystals, used with 3D molds and can be mixed with glitter to create a sparkly nail.

as stated on the Dimension Nails site "is a cross between acrylic and hard gel" and the consistency is way thicker and stronger than the Builder Gel. This hard gel requires rubbing alcohol in order to shape and form the nail, without it, it won't move.

Now that I summarized what each gel does, let's move on to my review and thoughts.

Both gels are great but are a bit different from each other especially in application. I really enjoy both but prefer the acrylic gel to use with tips to create long strong faux nails. Because the poly gel is thicker and stronger I notice it lasts longer. I find its consistency easier to use so that's why I prefer it. Here is a video from the Dimension nails YT channel showing how to apply the acrylic gel which is how I do it as well. The acrylic gel somewhat reminds me of acrylic nails and the builder gel reminds me of gel polish.

Just because I prefer the acrylic gel doesn't mean I don't like the builder gel, I do like using it but only on my natural nails (with no tips) when I'm not looking for length just strength. I apply a few thin layers of the builder gel just as if I were using a nail polish, long smooth strokes and no alcohol needed. The only reason I no longer use it with tips is that it takes me longer to build my desired thickness. With my natural nails, it's much faster because the foundation is already smooth and it only takes me about 2 layers to make my nails stronger. I think of the builder gel as a stronger clear gel polish. I'm not into colored gel polishes because I like to change my nail color quite often, sometimes twice a week. It's a hassle for me to have to soak my gel polish everytime I want to change it. With the builder gel, I can apply it once and use any nail polish color on top. When I'm bored of a certain color, I can quickly wipe it off with polish remover. This saves me time from having to soak my nails and having to go through the whole curing process over again.

I, of course, recommend both gels as they are both equally amazing. If you love doing your nails at home I'm sure you'll really enjoy any of these gels. Also, if you have not tried their premium nail lacquers, I highly recommend those as well, especially the color I help create, Juicy Papaya ;) They are by far the fastest drying nail polish formula I have tried. Code CFVanity20 gets you 20% off you Dimension Nails order!!!

Thanks for stopping by hope you found this post helpful.
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PS. Remember to shop cruelty-free!


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