A Stinky Girl's Underarm Routine

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A topic I don't hear a lot about is underarm care, maybe because not everyone is comfortable talking about it. Not me! I don't mind saying I'm a stinky human or that I need to use lots of products to keep that area situated. So, today I want to share my stinky underarm routine, all products are vegan (obvi) & natural. My routine consists of pretty much the same steps as a facial routine. I cleanse, scrub and moisturize. This routine is for spring & summer which is when I sweat more so I need more help in this department. During fall & winter, I use fewer products.

1. Cleanse

An ingredient I like & find it works great for this area is activated charcoal. Some deodorants have it but so do soaps. Activated charcoal works by pulling out toxins from the pores which is what I want when it comes to stinky pits. Kaia Naturals makes products with activated charcoal in them, their Deodorant Booster Bar is my fave. Use it in the shower every day to cleanse my underarms. I also use it in between the boobs because I sweat there too & it can get stinky. This bar is a bit pricey at $22 a bar but I think its worth it plus it lasts so long. You can also try looking for soaps with activated charcoal or even with apple cider vinegar.

2. Scrub Your Pits!

Not everyone needs to but if you are a stinky human like me, then I suggest you try it, it might help. I usually use a body scrub but recently I was sent a scrub especially for the underarms. The Healing Place Apothecary Pit Scrub. Been using it in the shower at least 3 times a week and not only does exfoliate by removing any deodorant build-up, it also leaves my skin smelling good. It contains eucalyptus, peppermint & tea tree oils which give it a fresh scent. This formula is not super oily which is a huge plus because I find that overly oily scrubs tend to break me out. Another great benefit of scrubbing your underarms is less dark spots and/or bumps.

3. Moisturize

Or in this case, deodorize. This step is just applying your favorite deodorant. Mine is Blissoma Scentless Stick Deodorant. I have tried so many natural deodorants in the past, some worked & then stopped working after a few months. Others were too heavy that left me with rashes and bumps due to a lot of baking soda in the formula. Thankfully, this one has been working so good for years now. Knocking on wood it stays like that.

4. Extras

This last step consists of wipes & mists, you might not need these but still wanted to mention them. The first 3 steps are a must for me if I want to stay fresh all day without reapplying my deodorant. The wipes and mist are extras for me.

The Pacifica Underarm Deodorant Wipes are a staple of mine, not as a deodorant but to wipe away sweat before reapplying my deodorant. If you have been on a natural deodorant journey you probably already came to terms that reapplying is sometimes necessary for some people. These wipes help give my skin a clean slate before reapplying more deodorant (when I need to) while also providing a nice scent. Great for hiking trips, festivals or any day when I'm gonna be very active. Another product from Pacifica is their Underarm Deodorant Mists available at Target. I was able to test out the Rose Flower scented mist and I gotta say I enjoy it as an extra step to fight odor. I sometimes use it as a body spray because it smells so nice. I also spray some in between my boobs, cause you know boob sweat.

Yea, I know that's a lot of products just for armpits, but hey that's what works for me. Check out this short IG video showing my underarm routine, here.

Let me know what underarm products work for you. Don't be shy, we all sweat & stink, unless you don't. In that case, good for you & I'm so jelly of you!

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S Remember to shop cruelty-free!


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