CLEANSE & EXFOLIATE: Multi Purpose Cleansers

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This summer I've loving multi-purpose products. Products that will do two or more things at once. My skincare & makeup routines get shorter on hot days so having multi-purpose products help me so much with getting ready quicker. These two cleansers not only cleanse my skin but also exfoliate it. I typically mix a powder polish or exfoliant (scrub) with my cleansers to save time. But now with these two products, I don't have to.

Lather's Caviar Lime AHA Creme $21
This bad boy is powerful yet gentle on my skin. The caviar lime in this product is rich in AHAs which gently exfoliate the skin. Caviar Lime also naturally contains vitamin C which gives my skin a brighter looking complexion. This cleanser lathers up so nicely leaving a squeaky clean feel without drying out my skin. Really enjoy the thick cream that turns to an airy foam with water. Love the fresh scent early in the morning and love how soft and smooth it makes my skin feel. Just a heads up a little goes a long way.

Jacqs Healing Face Cleanser $20
This organic beauty is another great cleanser. This one uses papaya extract to gently exfoliate the skin while also cleansing the skin. Papaya is high in vitamins A & E and omega fatty acids which are all great for the skin. I have to mention that coconut oil is one of the ingredients listed, but because it is a cleanser and it washes off I have no problem with it. Really like the rose hue and the light lather it creates.

Besides the fact that these two have different ingredients, they also feel different. Lather's gives a squeaky clean feel while Jacq's has a more liquidy consistency & a slightly moisturized feel after washing it off. These two are great options if you are looking for a cleanser that will do more than just cleanse, at a great price point as well. Before you head out let me know in the comments what is your favorite summer cleanser.

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