I recently noticed that there are a few products that I haven't bought in a long time. Which is great for my wallet and my new minimalistic approach. Here are just 5 beauty products I don't buy anymore.

Makeup-Removing Wipes

I've tried tons of wipes, most didn't work for me because they were too strong for my skin. Most irritated my skin and burned the skin around my eyes. I did eventually find some that were gentle enough, the Blum Naturals Grape Seed Daily Cleansing makeup removing wipes. I used them for a while until I discovered oil cleansers. Since then I haven't bought a single pack of makeup removing wipes. A washcloth works great with my oil cleansers. Washcloths can be washed and reused which makes them eco-friendly. The ones I use are the Hubalu cleansing cloths and the Eco Tools muslin cloths, both are great, one is made with bamboo fibers and the other with organic cotton.

Hair Spray & Gel

Back in the day, scrunching your hair with tons of hairspray or gel was a very popular hairdo, it made the hair look wet but it also made it look crunchy and stringy. Now that I'm older I prefer my hair to have the least amount of hair products. Hairspray tends to weigh down my already thin hair. Most days I only use a lightweight hair oil or serum on my damp hair and let it dry, I love how soft my hair feels when there is not much on it.

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are in my opinion a waste of money and that's probably because I don't take baths. It might sound weird but I don't like baths. I feel guilty to be wasting so much water, and the only time I might take a bath is on vacation once a year. Bath bombs smell incredible and look cool when they are fizzing in the water but they aren't my thing.

Cream Eyeshadows

My eyelids are very oily so cream eyeshadows always crease, whether I use a good eye primer or not. It's a bummer because there are lots of cream eyeshadows in beautiful shades.

Pencil Eye Liners

Eyeliner is something I hardly use anymore, so I stopped buying them. Sometimes I get one in a beauty subscription box but I won't go out of my way to buy one. I used to apply black liner on my waterline until I realized it makes my already small eyes look even smaller. I still have a few liners in my makeup collection just in case I need them for a smokey eye look, but who am I kidding plus I think they have expired already so it might be time to toss them.

These 5 products will not be missed, my wallet and I are much happier without them. What are some beauty products you don't buy anymore?

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