You Won't Believe What A Flower Can Do!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, a professional or someone certified to diagnose illnesses or any medical issues. This article is about my personal experience with calendula flower essence. I suggest doing your own research, talking to a professional herbalist or talking with your medical provider (doctor) about using any new forms of natural healing. Again this is just my own experience, thoughts & opinions on this flower essence. 

I've talked about calendula flower essence a few times on my Instagram but I wanted to do a full blog post on it since I did get lots of questions about it. This has taken me a long time to post only because I wanted to finish up my first bottle before posting to be able to give you a full review on it. I am now on my second bottle of calendula flower essence and feel confident to post it.

What is calendula?

Calendula also known as Marigold is a plant in the daisy family, used in beauty products for its natural healing properties, it's said to be very healing, anti-inflammatory & antimicrobial among other benefits. I have linked a couple sites that I found helpful at the bottom of this post.

What are flower essences?

According to the info, I gathered from researching flower essences on the internet and also talking to a flower essence practitioner. Flower essences are liquid extracts or infusions made from the flowering part of a plant. They are used to help with mental and emotional aspects of wellness. Using flowers and herbs for healing goes back centuries, but flower essences were first developed in the 1930s. These wonderful essences have been around for a hot minute helping people with all sorts of things.

I wish I could tell you how this type of stuff works but, I can't. If you really want to find out, I suggest reading books on flower essences to get deep in to how they work. I'm just here to share my experience with this calendula flower essence.

Although I'm a newbie to calendula flower essence, I'm not a stranger to calendula as an ingredient in my skincare products. I have noticed major healing benefits from my beauty products that have calendula in them. One of my favorite skincare products that contain this wonderful ingredient is the Marigold Fields face moisturizer from Earthwise Beauty. Ava, the owner & creator of Earthwise Beauty doesn't just make amazing skincare products but also creates effective flower & gem essences. Ok now going back to the flower essence. It's been months since I started taking the Calendula flower essence from Earthwise Beauty, here is what I experienced.

Aids My Digestion

It helps me with digestion, If I'm feeling backed up (constipated) calendula flower essence helps to empty out my pipes :) Yes, I know TMI. I noticed this around a week in, there were times where it worked in a matter of minutes. There was a time that I was out running errands, I took a few drops of the flower essence and about 20 minutes after, I had to go! I'm sure if you watch my Insta stories, you might have heard me talk about it. Now that I'm on my second bottle it doesn't have the same effect like in the beginning but I do notice that I go more when I do take it.

Uplifts My Mood

Uplifts me, I have suffered from depression in the past and even though I'm much better now, I still get depressed from time to time. I've noticed that when I take this flower essence, I feel happier, I laugh more, I feel more joy. A few months before taking the calendula essence, I was getting bursts of anger for no reason and this essence has helped control that. It feels like my emotions are more balanced and now I find it easier to live in the moment.

Menstrual Pain Reliever

Keeps my cramps/pain to a minimum. Like most women when my cycle (my period) visits me, I get really bad cramps (pain). I have found other natural remedies that have helped alleviate my menstrual cramps you can read all about it here. I noticed this the first day I took the flower essence, I remember the same day I started taking it I had started my cycle as well. At this time I didn't know much about the benefits of calendula essence. So I was not expecting it to help with pain. Towards the middle of the day, I noticed that I was not experiencing much pain, was totally amazed by it. Since then I have been taking a few drops the first day of my cycle and if I take it the day before my cycle starts, I get very minimal to no cramps!

Verbal Expression

It also helps me with my speech, I struggle with finding the right words to say and sometimes I have to repeat myself a few times just to be able to express what I really mean. The days that I take the essence I notice a big difference in how my words flow out of my mouth, it becomes a breeze to talk on camera. This is very helpful because I make videos and when my words flow easily, it makes my filming & editing time way shorter.

How Much I Take

The dosage I take is a few drops (around 2 to 4) twice a day, but sometimes I take it three times a day depending on how I feel. I do recommend following the directions of your flower essence for better results. This particular flower essence can also be mixed in with your skin care such as masks or moisturizers. I haven't tried mixing it with my skin care products but sure will soon. The next flower essence I'm planning on taking is the sun flower essence, just by reading the benefits it has, I think it will be beneficial for me.

These have been the only benefits I experienced with calendula flower essence thus far. I hope this post was helpful and again I highly recommend seeking professional help before starting any natural healing or in this case any flower essence. I have read that some people have allergic reactions to certain flowers, always read the ingredients to see if there is anything you are allergic to. You can contact Ava for a private consultation on her magical essences.

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More helpful info on calendula that I found while researching it:

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