Cruelty Free Comforter??

*Not a sponsored post. The CHARM comforter was sent as PR for reviewing purposes, all thoughts and opinions are honest and 100% my own. This post also contains affiliate links and code.

Living a conscious lifestyle has become important to me. Although I don't consider myself a purist or someone who only uses all-natural & eco-friendly products, finding 100% vegan products is a passion of mine. I can let some not so good ingredients slide, but not any nonvegan ingredients. A while ago I read an article on wool and down, the article also mentioned eco-friendly textiles. The topic intrigued me, so I did more research on it and found lots of great fabrics, one of them was lyocell. Lyocell is a fabric made from wood pulp cellulose, in other words, they are made from trees such as oak, birch & eucalyptus. From the info, I have gathered online, the process of making lyocell is more eco-friendly compared to other fabrics. It is also fully biodegradable, very soft, breathable, lightweight, anti-bacterial and vegan! One day without even looking for it, I came across a lyocell shirt. I usually never check what my clothes are made of, but after all the info I had read on fabrics I looked at the tag and to my surprise, it was lyocell. Since then, I have been favoring this fabric.

Ok, now that I gave you some info on one of my favorites eco-friendly fabrics, it takes me to what this post is really about, the CHARM Comforter. Finding a good quality eco-friendly comforter that is also vegan was a long process but I'm so happy that I finally have one. Lots of comforters are made from down, a.ka. bird feathers. The process of down is a cruel one, it involves pulling the feathers from geese, ducks, and/or other waterfowls dead or alive. You can read more about down here & here. Thankfully there are some down alternatives out there, such as the CHARM comforter.

I was fortunate to try the CHARM comforter for free to share my thoughts on it. It's been over a month since I received it and so far its been a wonderful experience. I was curious to try it but didn't think I would love as much as I do. I mean come on, how much does one really love a comforter or even goes around saying they love a comforter? Yea, not many and that's probably because it's not something most of us really think about, we just get anything that is at a good price and call it a day. Some of us don't think about fabrics or thread count or if it will help our sleep but we really should.

The CHARM comforter comes with a canvas bag for storage.

This comforter is made with lyocell & polyester but now traditional poly, but a new textile called 37.5 technology which is polyester infused with volcanic ash particles. You can learn more about the 37.5 technology here. I recommend reading up on it, it's quite interesting.

The comforter is very soft and cool to the touch. I was expecting it to be heavier but surprisingly it is lightweight. The main thing I love about this comforter beside it being vegan and made with lyocell is that it keeps my body from getting too hot and from sweating as much. Even with an AC on my body still got very sweaty. The first week of using this comforter I noticed the difference, I was able to sleep more comfortably and didn't wake up as much during the night because I was too hot or too cold. I love how cozy, soft, and fluffy it is, it feels very luxurious a lot like sleeping at a high-end hotel. Overall, it's been an amazing addition to our home and couldn't be happier with it.

Now on to a deal, CHARM comforter is offering $25 off & FREE shipping with code THECRUELTYFREEVANITY.

Hope you found this post helpful, thanks for stopping by.

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