5 Beauty Trends That Didnt Work For Me

We all know beauty trends are all over the internet, some are cool and stay for a while and some are just plain WTF and still stay for a while. Here are 5 beauty trends that didn't work for me. Please don't get offended if I'm talking about a trend you absolutely love, this is just my opinions and personal experience with these beauty trends.


If you are not familiar with the baking method, it's basically applying a thick layer of setting powder with a damp beauty sponge after applying your base and concealer. You let it sit for around 10 minutes or less and then dust it off. This technique is used to set the makeup, making it last longer, give you a flawless finish, a wrinkle-free look & also to highlight without adding shimmer. This technique has gotten so popular you can find tutorials all over social media.

Maybe I just haven't found the right powder to do this method with. Or maybe I have too many fine lines around my eye area, but this technique just does not look good on me. It made my under eye area look cakey, overly brighter and drier which set the powder into my fine lines making them more noticeable. It basically did the opposite of what its meant to do! Tried so many ways to make it work and as of now, still nothing. If you know of a natural, cruelty-free & vegan loose setting powder that is super finely milled, that works for baking let me know.

Pour Coconut Oil on Everything

The beauty world went crazy using coconut oil for everything. I'm glad it works for so many people, but I wasn't one of the lucky ones. I know it has replaced skincare products, body & hair products, which is awesome because coconut oil is affordable. My skin just doesn't agree with this popular oil, I can't use in on my face because it breaks me out, I can't use it on my hair because it's too heavy for my thin hair, can't use on my body because it's too oily. Unfortunately for my wallet, this miracle oil didn't work as an all over oil for me. I do however use it for oil pulling.

White Waterline

This trend is probably old now, but when it first came out I tried it hoping it would make my eyes look bigger & brighter. All it did was make my eyes look scary LOL! Skip the white liner and opt for a less intense shade, like a nude color if you still want to try this trend. 

Instagram Brows

Dios Mio, this trend went viral but I think it's finally fading away. Instagram brows are very defined brows that gradually get darker. Lighter by the inner corner and very dark at the tail of the brow. This style IMO looks harsh, it looked way too bold and it took over my face when I tried it. I will never try this trend again. Natural looking brows are just fine for me. 

Full Contoured Face

The contour trend is everywhere nowadays and it's probably not going away anytime soon. Contouring is used to achieve a perfect sculpted face. Or to also completely change your face shape by using darker colors to create shadows which will hide what you don't want to showcase, and lighter shades to bring out the features you like. Don't get me wrong I'm up for a bit of cheek snatching but overly contouring my face is not my thing. I have tried contouring to change or enhance my face shape a couple times and it does work to give you a nice sculpted shape but honestly, it was way too much work for me and too much product. I think it photographs nicely but in person, if it's not done right, it can look very obvious. I love bronzing instead, I dust a bit of bronzer in the 3 shape to give my face some color and a little definition. 

Those were the 5 beauty trends that didn't work for me. I love trying new things to see how they work and look but most of the time I end up not liking them for one reason or another. What are some beauty trends that didn't work for you? 

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