New 100% Pure Gemmed Luminizers

100% Pure has released two new products, highlights to exact! I got to try both beforehand and here are my thoughts on them.

First, let me share some info that can be found on their website.

Price: $35 for a 9 g in a metallic pink tin.

"100% Pure Gemmed Luminizer reveals glowing and luminous skin with light reflecting gemstones. Colored from antioxidant rich fruit pigments rather than harmful synthetic dyes."

The two new shades are...
Moonstone Glow is an icy pink with white & lavender shimmer.
Rose Gold is a warm peachy gold with golden shimmer.

Ingredients are (copied directly from the 100% Pure website):

Now on to my thoughts.
I gotta say I was super excited that 100% Pure has new products out especially that they are highlights and vegan. Once I opened them I knew that Moonstone Glow was not gonna work with my skin tone, my medium/tan skin does not look good with icy pink highlights. I'm sure Moonstone Glow will look great on fair skin. Thankfully, Rose Gold works perfectly on my skin tone, it gives a beautiful golden glow which I go crazy for.

Let's start with the cons just to get them out of the way. The only bad thing that I can say about these powder highlighters is that they are a bit chalky, Moonstone more than Rose Gold. If you swatch them with your finger you might not be too impressed with the formula. Just remember that powder highlight is applied with a brush, not your fingers, and they both work way better when applied with a brush. I also want to mention that when swatched with your fingers they look more pigmented than when applied with a fan brush. So if they look too pigmented don't be scared they go on more subtle with a brush.

Alright so like I said the only one that works for me is Rose Gold which is the one I have been testing out the most. The finish it gives is a nice subtle golden glow, and it can be built up. I found that it looked too powdery when I applied more than two layers. So I only apply a light dusting of it or if I want more glow I add another layer of it. I really love the shade and I think it looks really nice on my skin. The fact that it is vegan, free from toxins and has gemstones makes me super happy. I go ga-ga for gemstones! A far as the packaging, I think its pretty cute and girly and it looks very pretty on my vanity. It looks like it's quite easy to depot and put them in a custom magnetic palette, but I have not done that because I really like the packaging. The ingredients are pretty darn good, judging from the list, I'm not worried about putting this product on my skin.

Swatched with my finger. L to R Moonstone Glow & Rose Gold 

Overall, I do really like Rose Gold, although I do prefer cream highlighters this one is great.
Will you be trying any of these Gemmed Luminizers? If so which one?

Thanks for stopping by!
Cyber XO,

P.S Remember to shop cruelty-free.

*PR samples were provided for reviewing purposes. All thoughts and opinions are honest and authors own. This post contains affiliate links.


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