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Let's talk organic feminine care, from a subscription box called Lola in particular. I also want to include my thoughts on organic non-applicators tampons in this post. 

I've been using organic tampons for about 2 years now, I had to switch to organic tampons after reading about the toxic chemicals that are in regular/conventional feminine care products. Dyes, pesticide residue, chemicals from the bleaching process and fragrances can be found in convention non-organic feminine products. To think that these types of chemicals can be going in your vagina is scary right! I thought it was disturbing and that is why I opted for cleaner products, such as the ones I'm about to talk about. 

Lola is a subscription box that delivers 100% organic feminine care products to your door! Nowadays you can get almost anything delivered monthly to your door, so why not tampons & pads. This service is awesome because it's affordable, convenient, super customizable, from what (tampons or pads) how many, what absorbency, to how often you want them delivered. They have pads, BPA free plastic applicator tampons and non-applicator tampons (which are pictured above). 

I was able to try a box of the non-applicator tampons and here are my thoughts. First, let me start by saying that I didn't have much experience with tampons that have no applicator prior to trying these. I had tried one in the past but found it to be a bit uncomfortable to insert and to keep in. These were not bad at all, they are short which I think it's why they are more comfortable. I tried the super absorbency tampon first but it was way too big, keep in mind that tampons expand while they are inside. The regular is a better fit for me and my flow. Overall I was very pleased with the non-applicator tampons from Lola. Skipping an applicator makes a tampon a bit more eco-friendly, which is always good. 

As far as the service itself, I think it's pretty freaking cool! The fact that you can customize it to your needs is even better. The box of tampons came with 18 tampons 6 of each size. You can decide how many of each you want in your box. For example, if you mainly want regular sized tampons instead of super or super plus then you can do that. Or if you don't need any tampons for the next month because you had some left over, you can skip a month, small things like this make a service very helpful. The service is very affordable as well, a box will run you from $10 to $8 depending on which one and how many you get. You can get 2 boxes for the price of one if you are a new customer! Plus Lola gives back to women in need across the US, how more awesome can they get!? 

Alright, ladies let's keep our bodies (including vaginas) healthy and free from as many toxic chemicals as possible with organic products. Have any of you tried this subscription service? If so let us know your thoughts down in the comments section. 

You can win a non-applicator tampon box like the one pictured below. 

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