Sappho's Vegan Mascara

A $34 natural mascara? The Sappho Paradygm Vegan Mascara is indeed 30 bucks for a 9ml tube. Yes, I know that's a lot for a tube of mascara, and is it worth it? I got the chance to try this vegan mascara and here are my thoughts.

You can find this mascara on the Sappho Organics site or on the Nuciya online shop. For some reason, this mascara is $32 on the Sappho site but $30 USD on the Nuciya site, I think its because of the currency difference.

Claims from their website:
"Lengthening, thickening, this pigmented mascara is vegan, cruelty-free, free of parabens, phthalates, dimethicone, soy, gluten, talc, and mineral oil. It is created with organic fruit & carnauba waxes and colored with eco-cert minerals."

Let me start by saying that I love this mascara, love the formula, the wand and what it does to my lashes. It does lengthen and thicken my lashes, the formula is not a dry nor a wet formula. Wet formulas can take a while to dry and dry formulas can flake and clump. The wand is a traditional mascara wand, it's a bit tapered at the top wich makes it good to get into the corners and lower lashes. This type of wand is my favorite although if I'm not careful I can get mascara on my eyelids. This mascara does not clump, flake or smudge! I usually apply only one coat but if I want more drama I go for a second coat. I did notice that when it started to get old (after 4+ months) it did start to flake a bit, and that's when I knew it was time to toss it.

My only issue I have with this mascara is the packaging, it's not up to par with the actual product. The packaging is a minimalistic silver tube with a clear sticker of the brand name. The cap itself eventually cracked and came apart. To be honest the material of the tube is not what I would expect for 30 something dollars. On their site, it does state that they (Sappho) is working on revamping their look, so that sounds promising. Hope they can improve the packaging.

So is it worth it? Over all, I really do love this mascara. Like I said the packaging is not that great for the price, so if you are someone who really wants the packaging to also be top notch, then you might want to wait to see their new packaging. Honestly, I'm a sucker for packaging but if I really love a product so much I can overlook it. With that being said, I'm gonna wait to see what their new packaging will look like until then I will be putting it on my repurchase list. Sometimes I miss a product so bad that I just go and repurchase it right away, but we'll see.

Below is a not so good photo showing you what 2 coats of this mascara looks like. But you can also check out some of my GRWM videos on my YouTube channel, I have used it in a few of them.

Hope this quick review helps. If you have any questions ask away.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a fabulous day.

Cyber xo,

P.S Remeber to shop cruelty-free!

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