How to Naturally Alleviate Chronic Menstrual Cramps

Chronic menstrual cramps are no joke! The first day of my cycle used to be the worst, so bad that I would have to stay in bed and pop a pain pill to be able to surpass the excruciating pain. It was one day of the month that was basically wasted. If you suffer from the same thing then you understand. I've gone to a couple doctors to see what was wrong with me because surely something must have been wrong for me to experience so much pain. But I was always told, "it's normal, lots of women have bad cramps." Docs always prescribed pain pills and honestly I was tired of taking pills that are no good for my body. One day I had it! I was about to take my pill and I stopped, I said, "this horrible cycle has to stop, no more pills!" I tossed the pill in the trash and decided to research natural remedies. I was surprised to see so many natural remedies, of course, I have not tried all of them but I did try a couple.

I can't say that veganism took away my pain, but I did notice it got better after going vegan. I didn't get chronic pain every single month anymore, but there were months that I still had pain. These are a couple remedies that have worked for me to minimize my pain to a level where I can function.

1. Natural Pain Reliever 

I apply a natural balm specifically made for pain. The one I use is called Pain Stick from Kosmatology, which is not only natural but also cruelty-free and vegan. This really does help subside my pain, I do have to reapply during the day but I don't mind. I have a stick in the car, my bedroom and I also carry it in my purse when that time of the month comes along. This pain stick is not only good for my cramps but its great for back pain and other types of pain. I fell and broke my tailbone a few years back and now I get back pain, this helps me the most with my back pain too. Any pain I get I use the pain stick and it makes it better. 

2. Warm Tea

Next, I make myself a tea, I learned that warm drinks help, well heat in general is great for pain. I recently started drinking this Woman's Rasberry Leaf tea from Yogi. It was a recommendation from a couple of my fellow green beauty bloggers. It's not only yummy but it does help a bit. It's not something that I can take by itself to help with my pain but its a good addition I add a little of agave syrup because I enjoy some sweetness in my teas. Yogi also has Woman's Moon Cycle tea which is specially made to help with your monthly cycle. I have not tried it but that's next on my list of things to try. Chamomile tea also works great. 

3. Exercise!

Yes, you heard that right, I workout! I know that exercising is the last thing you want to do when you are MONS-trating, get it monster + menstruating together = monstrating hahahahha must have heard it on a TV show or something. Anyway, working out actually helps me, I don't know the science behind it but it just works. Here is my hypothesis, I think it helps because when you exercise your body is sweating and staying warm and your mind is focusing on something else besides the pain. If you can't exercise just try to keep busy. In my opinion, it's a win-win, I burn some calories and help alleviate my pain. Of course, you can always stay in bed and apply a heating pad on your back and lower abdomen, but I find that getting up and being productive helps way more.

4. Stay Hydrated

I noticed that when I'm hydrated not only my menstrual pain but any kind of pain is way less than when I don't drink much water. So stay hydrated! It's also a must for great skin!

5. An Orgasm

Ok, we are all adults here, I hope. If you are not, please skip this one! I recently read that having an orgasm helps with pain. I had to test it out, you know for research purposes ;) haha haha. All I'm gonna say is that it does work. There is a lot of science behind it too but come on having an orgasm just puts you in a better mood. 

This along with my vegan diet is what's been working for me, I really hope this helps some of you who suffer from chronic menstrual pain. My pain is not completely gone but it has gotten way better. I'm so glad that those horrendous cramps are long gone. If you have other natural remedies please leave them down below so we can all read them and hopefully benefit from them. 

Thanks for stopping by, have a fabulous day.

Cyber xo,

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