New 100% Pure 2nd Skin Foundation & Concealer

Hey dolls, what's up! Hope you all are doing fabulous today! I'm here to do a post on the spanking new Second Skin products from 100% Pure!!!

They just launch the new 2nd Skin Foundation & Concealer on their site, so exciting. Prior to launching on their site, these products were only sold through Evine. I honestly prefer to order directly from the 100% Pure site because they got free shipping and returns, and their customer service is amazing.

I did already do a full review and demo of both the foundation and concealer on my YouTube channel, which you can view here, or click on the video below. Sometimes demos are way better because you can see the way they go on, blend, etc. This post is basically to give you a quick review of both products and to inform you that they are now available for purchase on their site.

This foundation is quite nice, but not my favorite foundation from 100% Pure. This natural formula is lightweight hence the name second skin, it does feel like your own skin. If you are familiar with Pacifica's Dreamy Serum foundation, it's quite similar to that one. The pigment and serum do separate so you must shake well before using it. It contains olive squalane which is supposed to fight signs of aging, it also has vitamins & antioxidants, cool right. The best part is that there are no toxic ingredients in it.

My Pros

Alright now let me tell you what I like about the foundation. The packaging is very nice, a frosted glass bottle with a gold-ish cap. The applicator is not a pump but a dropper. Feels very luxe in my opinion. The foundation itself is lightweight which is what I always look for in a foundation. The coverage is very nice. I would say light to med and maybe somewhat full if you add more layers, yes, it is buildable. The olive squalane also acts as a primer so I didn't use a primer when using this foundation. Always great when you can skip a step in your makeup ritual, right. I like the longevity of it, not super long lasting but it's cool because I don't usually wear makeup for a long period of time, it gave me around 5 to 6 hours of wear. Really love that it sets nicely, without any setting powder. Which I was very surprised by, because it's so liquidy that it's hard to believe it sets that nicely. The finish it gives is also very nice, healthy glow type of finish.

My Cons

I did not like the way it went on using a makeup brush, it moved around a lot and left some streakiness, but then again it could have been the brush. The best way that worked for me, was with a damp beauty sponge. Pressing it into the skin worked way better, it also looked more natural and it stayed in place. Now, my deal breaker was that it clung to my dry patches. The times that I did use this foundation my skin was very dry and flaky. Not even exfoliating and moisturizing worked to make my skin less flaky. So the results were not very good in my opinion, the foundation clings to my dry patches and makes them look even more noticeable. Of course, if you don't have dry, flaky skin you won't have that problem.

I didn't want to classify these next two facts as con or pros because it just depends on you. One is that the foundation is very liquidy, this is normal it's meant to be that liquidy. The other is that it dries lighter, it's recommended to get a shade darker or maybe two. For example, I got two shades, Sand (which is their new shade) and Golden Peach (a medium shade). My skin tone is usually medium and maybe tan if I'm in the sun a lot, and both shades were too light. I probably will have to go with Toffee the second to the darkest shade, for it to match my skin tone perfectly.

The concealer is my favorite of the two 2nd Skin products! A feather light formula that adds some coverage. It's not a full coverage concealer but it does help conceal a bit. For me it's great for everyday wear, it really does feel like your own skin!!! I Love it! The shade that works for me is Sand, which helps brighten my under eye area. The consistency is silky and thin, more on the liquidy side but not as liquidy as the foundation, the concealer is a tad bit more creamy. It blends so effortlessly, whether you use a damp sponge, your fingers or a brush.

I got no cons for this concealer. I really do enjoy it, like I said its great for an everyday look or for someone who does not need much coverage. It does, however, crease on me but, creasing is not a deal breaker for me since concealers always crease on my under eye area.

Foundation Swatches

Top: Sand & Bottom: Golden Peach

Above are swatches of the foundation and concealer. The one on the left are swatches of the 2nd skin foundation compared to their Healthy Skin foundation. The one on the right are swatches of the 2nd Skin concealers in shades Sand & Golden Peach.

Hopefully, this info helps you decide whether you want to try these products or not.

Thanks for stopping by.

Cyber xo,

P.S Remember to shop cruelty-free.

***This post contains some affiliate links. If a purchase is made through my links I get a small commission, thanks! All thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.


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