Favorite Vegan Lip Gloss Brands

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Today's post is about my favorite lip gloss brands. It's crazy to even be writing about lip glosses because I used to dislike them so much. They were not my thing at all, but it was because I was using the wrong ones. You know the super glossy, super sticky/tacky, yes those annoying ones. I mean a little stickiness is good so that they stay on longer but the super sticky ones feel so gross & heavy on my lips. The good thing is that I have found a few lip glosses in the green beauty world that have worked for me. Yes, there are natural options out there.

This formula is my favorite because they are very pigmented. They are also non-sticky, moisturizing, nourishing with vitamin E, silky smooth, and best of all nontoxic!!! But it keeps getting better, they are also gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, cruelty-free, (all of the products I feature on my site are CF & vegan) allergen free, and paraben free! Amazing right!

The two shades I have are Tiny Dancer a no shimmer nude shade and S.W.A.K a no shimmer pink. These two are the perfect shades to have your collection since they can be worn alone or as toppers with any lipsticks. Love that they are silky smooth and stay on for a good period of time. The applicator is a soft doe foot, it picks up a good amount of product and it applies smoothly.

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Modern Minerals has two formulas of lip glosses that I love, the Emotive formula & Invigorating. Both equally amazing. I already have a blog post of these, check it out here.

Emotive Lip Gloss: This formula is the most unique because it is a collaboration with Lotus Wei. Which means they are infused with Lotus Wei's emotive formula. This formula signifies love, inner strength, compassion and living in the present moment. The infusion of pink camellia flowers and pink tourmaline gemstones, makes these lip glosses smell incredible!

The shade I have is Padparadscha a slightly shimmery coral, is a perfect year round color. This color goes on a bit sheer if you wear it alone but can add dimension and glossiness to any of your coral, pink, nude lipsticks. Not annoyingly sticky, smooth, smells like flowers, moisturizing & there are 5 shades to choose from.

Invigorating Lip Gloss: This formula if for someone who loves a little tingle on their lips and fuller lips. Formulated with invigorating ingredients which give a slight tingle nothing too extreme. I do notice that my lips get a tad bit fuller not a huge difference. The shade I have is Garnet a deep burgundy, I use it mostly on top of my dark vampy lipstick shades. The scent on this one is different than the Emotive line, this one is fresh and minty.

Looking for a highly pigmented, liquid lipstick type of lip gloss? Then this is the one for you. I got mine in a Vegan Cuts beauty box a while ago, and I fell in love with it. I have the shade Social Climber a mauve nude. I love that this gloss can be used alone for a glossy lipstick look, which is my favorite way to wear it. Long lasting, moisturizing, super pigmented and made with natural & organic ingredients! The applicator on this one is different, it has a slim, soft, very angled applicator. The only con, in my opinion, is the packaging, its a bit chunky, I prefer slimmer lip glosses.

This is the newest in my collection, I received it from an online shop called Nuciya. This shop has lots of green beauty brands of course including Lily Lolo. Right off the bat, I will tell you that they smell delicious, like chocolate!!! I have the shade, English Rose, a dusty pink. This formula has good pigmentation, goes on smooth, gluten-free, free from harsh chemicals, and moisturizing.

This is a drugstore gem! Yes, ladies & gents there is a cruelty-free, vegan and more on the natural side lip gloss brand at the drugstore. The Pacifica glosses are very nice and the most affordable of my collection, only $10 a pop. I used to have the whole collection and although they were all pretty, I didn't need all of them. So I gave away all the ones I didn't use and only kept Pink Coral, just like the name says its a sheer pinkish coral matte shade. This formula is so nice, not overly sticky, smells and tastes sweet, hydrating and formulated without parabens.

The photo below are swatches of all of my lipglosses that I mentioned in this post.

Top to bottom: Red Apple Tiny Dancer, S.W.A.K, Modern Minerals Padparascha, Garnet. Emani Social Climber, Lily Lolo English Rose, Pacifica Pin Coral.

These are my favorite brands of lip glosses, hope you find a post helpful. What are your favorite lip glosses? Let me know in the comments.

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