Miracle Facial Oil: Green Leaves & Co

I feel like I repeat myself so much when I say I absolutely love Earthwise Beauty. But I can't help it, Ava the superwoman/creator of this magical skincare line is the sweetest and has the hands of a magician. All of the vegan products I have tried have worked like a charm. Today's post is only about one of her creations, the Green Leaves & Co facial oil.

This is the oil that started my obsession with EWB and is by far the best facial oil I have tried for my breakoouts. You can watch my video on this oil and other samples I tried here.

I don't have acne prone skin or problematic skin but I do get the occasional breakout here and there. The good thing is that it's not only for acne & acne-prone skin, it's also good for sensitive, (which I have) oily, combo, damaged, and reddened skin. If you have acne or acne-prone skin this is the oil for you for sure.

I know it's crazy to think that an oil will work for acne prone or even oily skin but it really works. It's my secret weapon for blemishes. Well not so secret anymore since I do talk about it a lot. Every time I get some pesky blemishes I zap them with this oil, in a couple days they are completely gone, sometimes even overnight!!!

Love that this oil is cruelty-free, vegan, cold pressed, lightweight, gentle, sinks in fairly quickly and smells divine. The scent is fresh & grassy, definitely refreshing. As you can see by the photo below, the color is a light lime green. It comes in a glass bottle with a nail polish like brush. You get 1oz of product which is a lot because oil can go a long way. Since it is coconut oil based, it does solidify when it's cold and it melts into an oil when it's warm. The texture is velvety and light, not greasy at all.  Again the scent is amazing!

Not only does it heal the skin but also prevents any blemishes from coming back. Again the base oil is coconut oil, which scared me at first because usually coconut oil breaks me out. I don't know how, but this is the only coconut oil based product that not only does not break me out but actually helps get rid of the blemishes, so crazy!

I always recommend this oil to anyone who has issues with acne and I have gotten many of my friends to love it as much as I do.

I been using this oil for about a year and it just now lost its potency. Which means I will be putting an order pretty soon. This time, I will be buying the smallest size they have because I only use it on my breakouts. That way I can always have a fresh batch. That brings me to another amazing thing, Ava has samples and different sizes of all of her products. That way her products are great for any budget.

Lastly, I got a coupon code for you. Get 15% off your order with "nz0424" at earthwisebeauty.com.

You welcome, lol.

Please check out the full description of this facial oil on Ava's website. You will find way more info, info that I'm sure I'm forgetting.

Thanks so much for stopping by, hope you found this post helpful.

Cyber xo,

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*** This product was purchased with my own money. Thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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