Oil Pulling Mouthwash from Whole Clarity

What's up dolls, just wanted to quickly come and share my thoughts on the new Oil Pulling Mouthwash from Whole Clarity. It's perfect timing too because they are having some awesome deals. You can get it the Oil Pulling Mouthwash 50% off, until May 8th, 2016, here.

First, let me tell you what oil pulling is, just in case you don't know.

Oil Pulling is a natural alternative to mouthwash. You basically take a tablespoon of coconut oil (other oils can be used, such as sesame, or sunflower oil) and swish it in your mouth for about 20 minutes. You then spit it out, but not into your sink because it might clog it. I spit it out in my trash can. DO NOT SWALLOW it, you will be swallowing all the bacteria! Oil pulling supposedly draws out toxins, to improve your dental health. I have heard of other people getting other great results, such as whiter teeth, stronger teeth and gums and more.

Honestly, 20 mins are almost impossible for me to do, I suggest starting with a couple minutes and work your way up. I also advise you to be gentle don't swish like you would a regular mouthwash, your jaw might start to hurt.The first time I did it I could not even do 2 minutes of swishing. Now that I have done a lot of times, I could go up to 5-6 mins tops. Still not that long but hey, it's better than 2 minutes.

The reasons why I can not swish for 20 minutes is because my jaw gets tired and swishing plain coconut oil made me gag if I did it longer than 2 minutes (yes I know TMI). So, I gave up on oil pulling for a long time until I received the Oil Pulling Mouthwash from Whole Clarity. This mouthwash is way easier for me to swish because it has peppermint & tea tree oils along with the coconut oil. I feel like the peppermint oil helps a lot in that department. Tea tree oil is one of my most used oils, its has many antimicrobial powers. I use tea tree oil for almost everything, with my shampoo for my itchy scalp, on any pesky bleminsh, with water as a toner when my skin is filled with blemishes, and more. Tea tree oil is known to help with bad, so its a perfect oil to add to an oil pullling mouthwash. This concoction is perfect for me! Love that it gives me fresh breath while it draws toxins from my mouth. Win win if you ask me!

I have not seen whiter teeth because I don't oil pull constantly, I do it when I remember to do it. I'm really gonna try to do it more often so that hopefully I get whiter teeth.

Alright dolls hope you enjoyed this post on oil pulling, don't forget to take advantage of the 50% off sale that Whole Clarity is having on their Oil Pulling Mouthwash.

They also got other amazing deals such as a FREE sample of their deodorant, just pay $5 shipping! With this link love.wholeclarity.com/freedeodorantsample but hurry because it ends April 25, 2016.
Their lavender deodorant is seriously amazing and it really works! I will be doing a post on that soon. Mean while you can hear my thoughts on their deodorant in this video that I did on my channel

The other deal is 15% off deodorant purchase on Amazon with this link www.wholeclarity.com/deodorant15/

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Cyber xo, Eli

P.S. Remember to shop cruelty-free!

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