Aromatherapy Nail Polish Remover?!

Hey dolls, I'm back with a quick post. I recently heard of an aromatherapy nail polish remover from the brand Marley Marie Naturals. My friend and fellow vlogger, Shermeen from BeautyInAmin (check her out here), posted a photo of this intriguing product. So of course, I had to check it out for myself. I placed an order the very next day. I bought the set of 4, thought it was a great value, only $21! I received my package very quick, which always makes my happy. Nobody wants to wait a long time for their package right!? I mean it's torture!!! I become a crazy stalker and it's not a good look lol.

The set comes with 4 2oz bottles of Lavender Vanilla, Black Currant Vanilla, Orange Ginger and Eucalyptus Spearmint. Right when I got my order, I used the Lavender Vanilla to remove my nail polish. I was very happy with the results. It removed every trace of nail polish while leaving the skin around my nails moisturized. Although I did have to scrub a bit harder than with traditional removers, but I don't mind. I rather take a bit longer to remove my nail polish than to use toxic ingredients. Plus I find that soaking a cotton ball and pressing it on your nail for a good 10-20 seconds helps break down the nail polish.

The smell is very relaxing due to the Lavender, the aromatherapy is my favorite part of this product. They don't have a chemical smell at all, more like an essential oil scent. We know that conventional nail polishes removers have a horrible scent and taste. Yes, I said TASTE, even after washing my hands a bitter taste always lingers on my fingers. Yuck!

Since they are moisturizing I don't reapply nail polish until the next day. My nails and cuticles felt like I had just applied a cuticle oil but not as oily. So I felt like applying nail polish right after would not stick. I did wash my hands with soap and warm water to remove all of the oil from your nails. This can be a good to wait until the next day, that way your nails get a breather!

These nail polish removers are cruelty-free, vegan, natural, alcohol-free, nontoxic, acetone free, biodegradable and vitamin E enhanced, yay! You can find them here.

So do I recommend it? Heck, yea!
If you are a lover of natural nail products, then this will a great product to try.

Good news, I have an extra bottle of this cool product to giveaway! You can win the Orange Ginger scent, which smells so good! Here are the rules:

Giveaway now CLOSED!!!
The winner is La Luna Bohemia! Congrats to the winner, and thanks to everyone who entered.

1. Be 18 and over
2. US only
3. Subscribe to this blog/website.
4. Leave a comment down below, whatever you want.

I will be choosing a winner in a week from today (on March 29, 2016.) You got just enough time to enter.

Thanks so much for coming over! Hope to see you soon.

Remember to shop cruelty-free!

Cyber xo,

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