Modern Minerals New Infused Makeup

If you follow me on IG or watch my Youtube videos, you know that I love Modern Minerals. They are one of my top favorite cruelty free, vegan, mineral makeup brands. They carry a huge variety of gorgeous colors for eyes, face and now lips. I was so excited to find out that they not only made 2 new shades for their Purely Mineral eyeshadows, which btw I'm head over heels with Cleopatra. But they also made a whole new line of infused mineral shadows and lip glosses! And I have 2 of each to show you. 

Ok lets start with the lip glosses. Thy made 2 formulas, EmotiveInvigorating,
I have one of each to talk about. The Emotive glosses has 3 shades that were create along side Lotus Wei. One shade is also a collab with the gorgeous Britanie Faith of Beauty by Britanie. This formula is infused with essences of flowers and gemstones! I love me some gemstones, and I'm a true believer of their healing properties. So I already love the sound of these. This blend is supposed to magnify Love of Life, Inner Strength, Compassion and Living in the Present Moment. With ingredients like pink tourmaline, pink camellia flowers, rose, chamomile and more, I'm sure any purist will love this formula. 

I love the way this formula smells, it has a light floral scent. The shade I have is Coral Glow, and its a beautiful sheer coral-y pink with a bit of shimmers. If you are like me you might not like shimmery lips, but these are so tiny you cant see them as much or feel them. The worst feeling is when you can feel the pieces of shimmers in on your lips, eww. Not to worry because you wont experience that with these, the micro shimmers just adds a touch of glow. 

The Invigorating formula which happens to be my fave! This formula is so unique and amazing, if you love minty, tingly & refreshing lip products this one is for you. I have the shade Garnet and its a beautiful sheer vampy color, perfect for fall. With no shimmers, and ingredients like menthol, algae extract, marine collagen, dragon fruit extract and more. My lips did appear a tad bit fuller, and super shiny. They taste so good! I know its not meant for you to eat, I cant help but lick my lips a bit more when I wear this lip gloss. It taste minty and sweet and I love it. Both formulas are awesome, non-sticky and nourishing. Below are the swatches of both shades.

Top: Garnet Bottom: Coral Glow.

The new Infused Eyeshadow Spheres are also wonderful. I got 3 shades but the third one I'm saving for a future giveaway. So I only have 2 to show you. The collection has 6 pretty shades, this new formula is also infused with flower essences, like rose petal and they are blended with coconut. Let me tell you that they smell incredible. I've never had an eyeshadow that had a scent, so its very unique in my opinion. They blend very nicely, the pigmentation is good, and the colors are beautiful. As of now the shade range is basically neutrals, with matte, satin and shimmery finishes. The colors I have are Smokey Quartz a smokey silver shimmer color and Pink Sand a matte earthy pink. Below are the swatches of both colors. 

 Top: Smokey Quartz Bottom: Pink Sand.

Over all Modern Minerals did an amazing job with these new products. Diane the founder is so sweet and their customer service is wonderful as well. I have a big collection of their eyeshadows but with affordable prizes, amazing quality and good service who can blame me. Have you tried any of Modern Minerals products? 

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