Welcome Beauties! (Giveaway Closed)

Thank you so much for stopping by, today is the launch of my website/blog. I'm so excited to finally be done designing it, so that I can show to you guys the final look. I actually started with a blog before I started doing YouTube videos. I was too shy and scared to do videos, but after I got the bazookas to actually film & upload videos, I forgot about my poor little blog. Until now, that I decided to start it up again. I know there is a lot of people that prefer to read reviews, rather than watch them. So these are especially for you guys!

Plus this will be way easier for me, videos can take a long time to film, edit and of course upload. I will be doing both at the same time because I love making videos, so don't worry I will still be uploading on my channel.

What can you expect from this new spot? Well basically the same as my YouTube channel, reviews & swatches on cruelty free, vegan and lots of green beauty products. Except for makeup looks of course those will still be on my channel. I'm very passionate about showing people that you can be cruelty free, care about the animal's well being and still be a Glam-azon. I'm also stepping further and further into green beauty, so you will find lots of green beauty, non-toxic products as well.

I want to start doing monthly or should I say bi-monthly favorites. I don't do them on my channel because I feel like I would have so many videos up a week that its just not possible, time wise. I'm also thinking of doing DIYs, home decor ideas, giveaways and maybe even feature my favorite youtubers and bloggers. Because we cruelty free ladies gotta stick together, and help each other out! I have so many ideas for this spot that I know you will love. I'm beyond excited guys!

OK, to celebrate the beginning of this website/blog, I will doing a "Cruelty Free Welcome Giveaway!" I got a $100 voucher to one of my favorites brands/stores, 100% Pure!

Now all you need to do to enter this giveaway is the following:

***U.S only  

***Ends Next Monday Oct 19th, 2015

 1. Follow or subscribe by email to this blog. Trust me you won't regret it!

 2. Leave a comment with your name, on this post. You can also say "entered" or what ever you like.

And that's it! I will pick a winner randomly and announce it on my instagram the day after the giveaway ends.

Thank you so much for all your support dolls!

Cyber xoxo,


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