OSEA Masks

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Today OSEA is having a great Labor Day Sale that I thought some of you would like to take advantage of. OSEA is one of my favorite brands for effective vegan & natural skincare.

Their Labor Day sale is the following: Get a FREE mask of your choice with your $125 or more order. That's a $48 value.  OSEA has 3 masks to choose from, the White Algae, Red Algae & Black Algae. Once you have $125 or more worth of products in your cart you will be given the opportunity to pick one mask for free to add to your cart.
*Sale ends September 4th at 11:59 pst. 
Since I have tried all three masks I can give you a quick review of them. 
Red Algae Mask This mask is my favorite from OSEA, it's for normal, combo & acne prone skin. As stated on their site, this mask is a "complexion refining masks that purifies & decongests. It's one of my go to products when I have an invasion of pimples. I see results as fast as the next day when used over …

You Won't Believe What A Flower Can Do!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or someone certified to diagnose illnesses or any medical issues. This article is about my personal experience with calendula flower essence. I suggest doing your own research, talking to a professional herbalist or talking with your medical provider (doctor) about using any new forms of natural healing. Again this is just my own experience, thoughts & opinions on this flower essence. 

I've talked about calendula flower essence a few times on my Instagram but I wanted to do a full blog post on it since I did get lots of questions about it. This has taken me a long time to post only because I wanted to finish up my first bottle before posting to be able to give you a full review on it. I am now on my second bottle of calendula flower essence and feel confident to post it.

What is calendula?

Calendula also known as Marigold is a plant in the daisy family, used in beauty products for its natural healing properties, it's said to be very healing, an…

Super Food Facial Oil

Some of you might already know my fascination for oils whether it's a facial oil or body oil, I'm always up to trying a new one. You just never know when you will come across a miracle oil. I know that finding the right oil can be a challenge but it's not impossible. Today I want to share my thoughts on a new oil I have been using. The Amaranth face and body oil from 5Am Provisions has been a luxurious affordable addition to my nightly skincare routine.

First, let's start with what amaranth is, Amaranth is an ancient grain that's fully loaded with nutrients such as protein, minerals, vitamins, essential amino acids and the highest plant source of squalene. Just in case you didn't know some squalene is derived from shark livers, which means sharks are killed to have squalene in luxury products. According to the 5AM Provisions website "An estimation of 6 million sharks a year are being killed for squalene." That is horrible and avoidable when squalene …

OSEA @ Credo LA! +GWP

I recently discovered an awesome store that houses lots of natural & organic beauty brands. My first visit to Credo in Los Angeles was with fellow green beauty blogger friends, I was very impressed with how chic the store is and of course with a number of great brands that are under one roof. It's always nice to be able to play with products before buying, a brick & mortar store allows you to do just that. The last time I visited Credo was to do an Insta story about them if you follow my Instagram account you might have watched it. Credo carries some of my favorite brands such as Juice Beauty, Lily Lolo and OSEA.

OSEA Malibu is by far one of my favorite vegan, cruelty-free, & natural skin care brands. I've been using some of their products for years now and everything I have tried is superb. OSEA is a family own company whose love for the sea is tremendous. The story of how this company was started is amazing, make sure to read all about it here. Their truly effecti…

Take A Sensory Trip With Body Oil

Slathering oil all over my body is a wonderful ritual for me but some might cringe at the thought of it. I've heard a few people say that oils, whether it was facial oils or body oils, didn't work for them because the oil was way too heavy. The key with oils is to find the right blend for your skin type. Not every oil blend will work for everyone and that's ok, I'm sure there is a perfect blend out there for you.

In my case, body oils have for the most part replaced body lotions. After a nice warm shower, I love rubbing a moisturizing body oil that smells heavenly. It's actually the best part of my shower well it's technically a post-shower ritual. One of m recent favorite body oil is the Pacific Northwest Body Oil from Earthwise Beauty. Initially, I didn't think I was gonna like it because it was described as a foresty scent and although I love nature I don't want to completely smell like a forest.

When it comes to oils especially body oils, I want th…

5 Beauty Trends That Didnt Work For Me

We all know beauty trends are all over the internet, some are cool and stay for a while and some are just plain WTF and still stay for a while. Here are 5 beauty trends that didn't work for me. Please don't get offended if I'm talking about a trend you absolutely love, this is just my opinions and personal experience with these beauty trends.
If you are not familiar with the baking method, it's basically applying a thick layer of setting powder with a damp beauty sponge after applying your base and concealer. You let it sit for around 10 minutes or less and then dust it off. This technique is used to set the makeup, making it last longer, give you a flawless finish, a wrinkle-free look & also to highlight without adding shimmer. This technique has gotten so popular you can find tutorials all over social media.
Maybe I just haven't found the right powder to do this method with. Or maybe I have too many fine lines around my eye area, but this technique jus…