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August Fab Five

*Post contains some affiliate links.

August was a roller coaster of a month for me, but I pulled through and I'm glad its over. I'm staying positive and affirming that September will be a better month. Anyway, with a new month, I thought I could share my faves from last month. There are lots of products I really enjoyed but I only want to focus on the products that stand out the most. Let's call this series my Monthly Fab Five.

Let's start with skincare...

This first product is actually a skin care device, the BFF (best face friend) cleansing brush from Holistic Beauties. I've been loving it for a couple months now, not just in August so I had to mention it. I love that it's multi-functional, it has 3 different silicone bristle textures & 15 vibration settings. I use it with my cleansers to cleanse & facial oils for a facial massage. The vibrations feel like a wonderful massage every time I wash my face. Silicone bristles are very gentle on the skin mak…

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