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My Top 5 (ok 6) Non Toxic & Vegan Makeup Brands

*Post contains some affiliate links.
A question I always get asked is, "what are your top vegan or natural makeup brands?" A little over three years ago my journey to nontoxic beauty commenced and since then I have tried tons of brands. Some that are amazing and others that just didn't work out for me. This was supposed to be my top 5 vegan makeup brands, but it quickly turned into 6. I only want to mention brands that I absolutely love and that I have used for years, and keep going back to. Most of these are indie brands and some are WOC/POC owned. Its so important for me to support these types of brands especially if they are cleaner, cruelty-free and vegan. Also, there is only one brand in this list that is not natural but a tiny bit cleaner.

Red Apple Lipstick
In my opinion, they are the MAC of green beauty, but of course, they don't test on animals and everything is vegan with better ingredients. RAL (short for Red Apple Lipstick) is very well known for their ama…

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