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A Stinky Girl's Underarm Routine

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A topic I don't hear a lot about is underarm care, maybe because not everyone is comfortable talking about it. Not me! I don't mind saying I'm a stinky human or that I need to use lots of products to keep that area situated. So, today I want to share my stinky underarm routine, all products are vegan (obvi) & natural. My routine consists of pretty much the same steps as a facial routine. I cleanse, scrub and moisturize. This routine is for spring & summer which is when I sweat more so I need more help in this department. During fall & winter, I use fewer products.

1. Cleanse

An ingredient I like & find it works great for this area is activated charcoal. Some deodorants have it but so do soaps. Activated charcoal works by pulling out toxins from the pores which is what I want when it comes to stinky pits. Kaia Naturals makes products with activated charcoal in them, their Deodorant Booster Bar is my fave. Use it in the sho…

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